Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



What does JUPEB do?


JUPEB lets you gain an admission directly into 200 level of any University running the programme.



What are the advantages of JUPEB?


The programme is very easy to pass.

The certificate do not expire unlike JAMB result, meaning, you can use the result for many years.


How can I get started?


You can get started by following the registration process. You can also visit any of our centres.


When is the best time to apply for JUPEB?


The best time to apply for the programme is immediately the form is available for sale. The timeline is usually between July and August. It is advisable to register as early as possible, as the programme like every other certified programme has a deadline. Register here now.

For those who were unable to register and resume early with us around September, they can still join as soon as possible and avoid missing out on the JUPEB programme this year.

Can I pay JUPEB fee in installment?

Students frequently ask questions as regards the payment process of their JUPEB fees. They want to know the available payment options for the programme, most especially the installment payment arrangement.

We are glad to inform you that for those who register with us, the payment can be made bit by bit. This is in consideration of the harsh reality of the economic situation obtainable in the country (most especially with the adverse effect of the Coronavirus pandemic). We accept payment for JUPEB in installment.

Who is eligible for JUPEB?

When it comes to JUPEB, there is only one criterion that ascertains students’ eligibility for the programme, which is simply the O’level result. Students who are admitted to 200level through the JUPEB programme must have an O’level result with a pass mark in the subjects related to their desired course of study.

Students who are awaiting their O’level result can apply for the programme as well. However, the result must be ready before the end of the JUPEB programme.

JUPEB helps you to secure admission into 200level without writing JAMB. Also, you do not need to write any exam before you apply for JUPEB if you register with a private JUPEB study centre as there is efficient provision for the accommodation of students.

Immediately you obtain the JUPEB form and finalize all the registration process, the next step is to resume and begin to receive lectures in preparation for the exam.

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